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  Ncerti BackupXcelerator™ is an innovative and high performance backup and recovery solution, Which provides the business critical data protection by a single point of control and automated operations across a wide range of open system environments, whatever size and wherever the enterprise IT environment is. Built on an open, highly scalable BackupXcelerator™ reduces management overhead by providing a complete, fast and reliable protection of data for the small-to-large sized business and increasingly large amount of data, such as portal sites, email service providerss, telecom, internet banking, e-Business, ASP/ISP, IDC, research institutes, government, etc.

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  - BackupXcelerator Server :
  IBM AIX, HP HPUX, SUN Solaris, Compaq Tru64, SGI IRIX, Fujitsu Solaris, NCR Unix, Sequent DYNIX/ptx, SCO Unix
  Linux (Intel/Alpha)
  Window (NT/2000/XP)

  - With a unique parallel streaming feature, supports unlimited simultaneous client backup/ recovery sessions and guarantee high performance.
  - Data compression accelerates throughput while minimizing server resources and network traffic
  - Innovative designed indexing mechanism for the backup data that dramatically improves backup performance
  - Provides the easy-to-use GUI based interface for monitoring and control of multiple stroage management servers
  - Local or remote centralized administration capabilities and client/server architecture supports automated backup for hundreds to thousands of network attached workstation and servers
  - Protects data on UNIX, Windows, Linux and all major system in DAS, NAS, and SAN environments.
  - Performs full, incremental, and differential backups.
  - Support Hot/Cold Backup of Oracle and informix Database


3rd floor Dukyun Bldg., 1009-3 Bangbae-Dong Seocho-Gu,Seoul,Korea TEL : (+82-2)521-9893~7 FAX : 521-9882
E-mail : globalsales@ncerti.co.kr