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  Since 2001, Ncerti has started as an incubating venture company of Korea Telecommunication Freetel Corp. in Korea. We provide Data Management and System Management software solution to our customers with high technical consulting service. Also we deploy system management service team for customer who wanted to manage and develop customer’s enterprise system. Our solutions certified by HP, SUN, EMC, BMC, CA and Microsoft also still cooperate with them for creating system energy.

  - Alliance with CRAY Inc. as a Reseller
  - Certified “Open and Aboveboard Management Corporation” by Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
  - Exhibit in CAEXPO 2004 as a CA Smart Partner
  - Assigned a Military Service Special Case Company by Military Manpower Administration
  - Alliance with Nexsan Korea
  - Selected an Excellent Technology Corporation in Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
  - Certified “Korean Government Official Software" by the Ministry of Government Affairs and Home Affairs
  - Certified “RemoteCenter for CA Unicenter” by CA U.S
  - Alliance with Handysoft for Groupware embedded Backup solution
  - Attend at Comdex Fall 2002 with “BackupXcelerator V2.0”, “RemoteCenter”
  - Certified “RemoteCenter for Patrol/PEM” by BMC U.S
  - Registered a patent “BackupXcelerator” (No.0359423)
  - Honor Prize of Venture Cooperation in 2002 from the Small & Medium Business Administration
  - Alliance with KT-IDC for a Wireless en TUM monitoring service
  - Attend at IT Seoul 2002 with “BackupXcelerator V2.0”, “RemoteCenter”, “RemoteCenter for Patrol”, “RemoteCenter for PEM”
  - Selected the first half year 2002 INNO-BIZ company from the Small & Medium Business Administration
  - Launch “BackupXcelerator V2.0”
  - Attend at Seoul Mobile Expo 2002 with “RemoteCenter”
  - Selected as an Excellent Corporation in Civil Economy Association
  - Selected as a Partner from Microsoft
  - Attend at Wireless & Mobile Communications 2002 with “RemoteCenter”, “RemoteCenter for Patrol”, “RemoteCenter for PEM”
  - Alliance with Nexman Corp. about BackupXcelerator for Groupware
  - Launch “RemoteCenter for Patrol” and “RemoteCenter for PEM”
  - Alliance with Datagate Corp. for cooperation business
  - Selected Industrial Technology Development Corporation by the Ministry of Information and Communication
  - Alliance with Compaq as an e-Korea partner
  - Launch and cooperation service open with KIDC about Mobile IMS
  - Honor prize of the 1st Mobile Technology Aware sponsored by the Korea Economic Daily - Ncerti RemoteCenter
  - Honor prize of the Pubilc Software Competition Sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communication in Korea 2001 - Ncerti RemoteCenter
  - Launch BackupXcelerator V1.0 and RemoteCenter V1.0
  - Registered as a member of KTF VIZ Association
  - Establish Ncerti Co. Ltd.


3rd floor Dukyun Bldg., 1009-3 Bangbae-Dong Seocho-Gu,Seoul,Korea TEL : (+82-2)521-9893~7 FAX : 521-9882
E-mail : globalsales@ncerti.co.kr